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How so very undeniably Quaint, It would seem another BirthYear (to quote a shaykh; supposedly a quarter to a century on my behalf) has come and gone on my behalf, and hopefully hoping here's to another set of those wonderful years, tucked and settled amidst a culinary feast of Emotional experiences and doting memorabilia.

So what have I been doing as of late, Dear Journal? Well, then perhaps it is time i have decided to share a little bit more.. At least much more than the jolly perspective the last journal round' hah!

So where to begin?

Ah, So our story begins a wonderful jolly good stretch of moons before, Prior to the fasting month, what a joy. The seasonal equivalence to our very own as to other noteworthy holidays to all others of their own creeds and credentials. It was a beautiful start to the blessed month, the night had just begun, the moon having outgrown the then futile cradle of the lunar cycle into the bright-shining eye it had always been, full of light, full of life, like a window of the heavens peering down cloaked in weaving threads of cloud and capes of twinkling stars. As if this very phenomenon was responsible, it was nonetheless a sideworthy sign to the ebbing and increasing sense of safety and security that has suddenly dawned (or in this case, dusked) upon the not so very sleepy town of Kuala Lumpur, like stars having fallen to the earth, homes and houses with windows abright and as if fueled by hard work and the sounds of endless chatter, believers of all prepare themselves for the upcoming month and it's pre-requisites, everyone preparing themselves mentally or physically rather, as they race to meet and enjoin with each other, feasting at their usuals or unusual rarities, savoring the meal before the next day declares and requires abstinence and self-restraint.

But think not these words harsh or hard nor cold, dear journal. Much rather, and not unlike it's predecessors, this year's ramadan was just as boldly riddled with magnanimous forms of gratitude and respite. Brothers and sisters of all, seeking solace in themselves 'from themselves', the many vices and vicegerents to their occults of shame having disappeared and instead replaced with a form of genuine empathy.

and perhaps sanity in some case. (hoho)

but i digress, Dear journal. This season's ramadan was a grand one, but although, like all of it's predecessors and i feel the same will go on until the very end, it is a season only celebrated in memory, like as if seeing to believe through the spectrum of a dream. Just like yesterday as if, it feels it just begun, yet earlier, it felt as if it had already ended.

It was a joyous time, and one of determined reluctance and esteemed sacrifice. but with sacrifice often comes a prestigious reward, in this case. it would seem an increase shift to thinking power. That's right, dear journal. Your Friend, Imran here actually got 'smarter' even if for a while. It would seem the fasting month brings upon a sharper sense of awareness, even proficiency. You'd feel like the good old days, when as a child you claimed you had two engines working in your brain. Good fun that..

Ah.. What else?.. (To Be continued)
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Kamal-Q Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013  Hobbyist Photographer
That month does "dusk" upon us to save us from ourselves - ah, I miss it already, insha'Allah we'll see next year's Ramadan. I hope you enjoyed the completion of your birth year as well :)
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