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Whirling, dancing, Laughing, they know'

winds that blow to caress the wanderer,
Winds that blow to beckon him home,

Come close,
Dear sweet angels
Come Close,
come closer to hear,

come close,
Oh my Little Angels,
Come Close,
Let me whisper in your ear,

Let me whisper of about the atoms in all the worlds,
in their dance of madness ,
all reveling in their euphoric and drunken cheer,

insane, are the atoms, in their endless circles
just as insane, perhaps are the men'
who whirl and spin and dance,
just like the atoms, never seeking to end

they are but looking for that which isn't there,
woe be to this malicious spectator,
tragic is their cynical pride,
they are like that of those who shield their eyes,
and say, 'the sun!,oh calamity, she has died!'

tarry not on these sad feelings, dearest friend,
tarry not, nor do not berate
the gathering of liberated souls is forever starting
you're either early or never,
But never late
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Kamal-Q Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Beautiful poem brother - the atoms spins, men whirl, galaxies orbit, ah the universes (and verses)- you've just placed so many awesome images and thoughts in my head. Its good seeing a journal/poem from you again :nod:
thorin111 Featured By Owner Oct 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
And a beautiful presence you have brought here, my brother, a beautiful presence, you have brought on the moment you decided to click that link to this journal, and for that i thank you'

if i may confess, the majority of this poem was inspired by a quaint movie, called "Baba Aziz", one can 'label' the movie as being 'tragic' or even 'selfish' due to it's esoteric nature, from the questionable acts of a mad dervish with red hair, or the final tragic outcome to the life of the main protagonist of the story, Baba Aziz'.

But despite all this, the movie was not to entertain, but it was to enlighten, to show.. to prove, that such ideals that the 'sober' amongst us claim as being fallacy and fairy tales, are actually much more real than we dare imagine.

I also loved how at the start of the movie, a message was revealed, it was;

"There are as many ways to God, As there as many souls on earth",

and with that, i wish to thank you brother for staying near here, your presence is always welcome and always appreciated
Kamal-Q Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
You finally got to see it :D It's an amazing movie.

There is a reality in every fairy tale and myth - sometimes a reality more real than what we can see.

My favorite part, and it has been a while since I saw the movie, was the core theme of taking on a journey and not knowing where things may end up...but all the while trusting in God to guide us through. There are so many symbols with in that film, the twin brothers, the tomb, the woman who's seen in white with hijab at the end...can read so much into it :nod:
thorin111 Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Best movie evurrr,

Hehe, pardon me

And the whole notion that everyone arrives at his/her own version of the gathering was definitely an A+

All these symbols in one movie was to possibly show the viewers (Shame some of them have such obtrusive opinions.. But opinions nonetheless)

A message of humanity, understanding at a human level,
From the eccentricities of red haired dervishes to the prince, a symbol of supreme success and wealth

But instead of contemplating his materials, he contemplated his soul, the signs

Follow th beloved signs
Kamal-Q Featured By Owner Oct 15, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
There's another movie, this one made by the Iranian Majid Majidi called "The Williow Tree" about a blind man who regains his vision only to lose sight of what matters most to him (Yes! I was able to write something that sounds so horrible cliche to describe such a well made movie :D) - you may appreciate it.

Yeah...that movie really does hint at the core, that be faithful, but judge not - God alone knows what people have been through, and He's the only one that can judge - everyone is on their way to Him. To be a prince who contemplates the soul...

Follow the beloved signs, for they lead to the Beloved. Follow the signs of the Beloved, for He leads you to Him.
thorin111 Featured By Owner Oct 27, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Hooray for cliches', they're great,
either funny or heart-ticklingly sweet,
and this one is very sweet.

and also, it does raise a question,
Indeed, and the idea that being blind, a major handicap, leaves us in NEED of god's judgement, we cannot judge indeed because we are not capable
Kamal-Q Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012  Hobbyist Photographer
Ah - but we're all blind in one way or another...just the one without eyes knows he doesn't see, we fool ourselves into thinking we can, no?
thorin111 Featured By Owner Oct 29, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
haha indeed, a very poetic picture you have made there my brother'

haha, very eloquent
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