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Hail ladies and gents, salaam and ahoy thar'

So' believe it or not, Your old Pal, Imran here for once in his life got out of the house and went to go to do something "outside", i know, i'm still shivering from excitement too! (or anxiety, i get terribly nervous when i'm surrounded by lots of'.. interesting people)

interesting people? surrounded? calustrophobic and the title-card of comically festive? What could this mean?
Oh yes, I do declare, yesterday, approximately, from departure from the home at 11:30, 18/12 (december)/2011,  I, Mohammad Ali Imran has gone to thine very first convention, as said, a Comically festive one, or easier said,

"Comic fiesta", the sweet, sweeping sensation of the the entire nation, (or at least within the duly noted ratio radius of Kuala Lumpur)

I vent with a good friend of mine, to traverse and explore this strange custom and trial of festivity, and to thine surprise, you see people of all sorts, and most importantly to state, Cosplayers'! my word, definitely, for once in my life, i'm at a place where costumes are law, how so very exhilarating, but though in my humble robes of naqshbandi clothing, i think it would've suffice, a fact  my friend jokingly speculated saying, "you going as some sorta old' wise man or sage or something"? or better yet, there were people who cosplay'ed as "police" and military efforts, Namely a riot policeman and a soldier, so my status of sage went down to "prime suspect", oh my

But though, despite cramped and tightly squeezed against the shoulders of my companion or my girth to the bodice of another, or easier said, living out dead rising's "jog pass zombies" or Assassin's creed "gentle push", we waded our way to our first ever concern, A shop on the map called "Candy shop", By god, candy sounded good, but alas.. there was no candy, just one of those "shops".. but still, no lamentation, i have gained an ultimate reward in exchange for simple pleasures, i purveyed and bought myself a Super Mario hat, delightful thing, now just to get some gloves and a red sweater and some overalls.

and then we went to see alll the delightful booths, oh my, all the expert professionals, draughtsmen,sketchers, comic book artists, commissioners and artists alike, colors both vibrant as they are complexly savory. thousands by the thousands, sketching away delicate lines on paper with pen or pencil, and the shrill sound of foreign languages sounding off in the distance. what form'

i won't say too much, as the event itself though dear, was not something i could explain much, though although, we saw national artists, the premier of "dota 2" and even a cosplay competition, what good-er form.

also i met another old friend, and my friend's friend, at the con, and a cheeky little badge that says, "I see tall people"..
a raised eyebrow and a direct question to the lady in charge of the booth was initiated, "is this referring to me?" (hoo hoo, 6ft 2 or more har har)

but so, we got to meet the creative side of a country i love dear, my home and hearth. But if there is one lament i remorse dearly from attending that con.. make that two, one, i didn't get to buy the artbook.. or any art for that matter, (save for a quick sketch of me doing a poker face, nothing special) , and two'.. well'.. if you're going to a con, do your leg exercises and stretching, your legs turn to deadweights by the end of the day.. walkingwalking walking'

well, but that's it i suppose, perhaps next time by december again, i'll be more free and perhaps even go in a costume myself, i heard the police cosplayers could use more fundamental extremists, or even a chunky and mushroom infused mario'
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Kamal-Q Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Its better to go "outside" to do something, than it is to go outside to do "something" if you catch my drift. Nice! rocking the traditional Naqshabandi garb does tend to draw attention in the best ways. I know a guy that took bayyah with one of Sh Nazim's students, and he went on about how he's always loved pointy hats and long beards (a la Gandalf :D).

We have a few cosplay/comic/manga convention things but I avoid those things 5 minutes from where I work (every summer). That phase of my life was over before it even began. Glad you enjoyed though. Malaysians enjoy their manga I take it? Why do people cosplay? Do muslims cosplay in hijab? But then is it really cosplay? still have no new uploads bro :no:

You might enjoy this [link]
thorin111 Featured By Owner Dec 23, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
ah heheh'

a wise sentiment my brother, now if only i can use it as an excuse,

but though, now suppose, malaysia is a mixed country, and though there ARE other art styles, anime/manga is eh.. considered one of the main dominant ones''

yes, dominant'

and suppose, "cosplaying" namely costume-playing, basically,
-"Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery"
- For fun, Hence the "play" part, oh dear'

but at the rate of how things are going, i'm afraid that fact of hijab as nothing more than second-base opinions these days, alas.. is all i can say,

Kamal-Q Featured By Owner Dec 25, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Takes wisdom to recognize a wise sentiment - though often I string together random words and the end up sounding quite a bit wiser than I had ever intended them to be.

Second base opinions?

The modern world is one of consumption, imagery - hard for people to adopt outward changes. Alhamdu'Lillah God is merciful.

God - I love winter break - no school feels so good.
deviantART muro drawing Comment Drawing
thorin111 Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist

A truly wise tactic, though a bit practically applicable for dishonesty, A LITTLE BIT, of course depending on what the circumstances dictate, like if youre doing it for personal gain, then it's definitely wrong'.

Second base opinions..ah.. to put it simply, alas'..

God's love should be your Prime Achievement, Not your last resort'

And indeed, Alhamdulillah, God is wise, Most gracious most merciful.

May god forgive us

Me too! Except.. we don't have winter here'.. so'.. it's just a break

Kamal-Q Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Chomskys phrase “Colorless green ideas sleep furiously.”
-wise, and strangely beautiful no? Yet utterly meaningless, beyond conceptualization :D

You mean taking second base opinions for practicalities sake or stringing together random words for the sake of appearing wise?

True enough, drawing near to God is the ultimate purpose in life. But then who knows where the heart of a person is? You know the tradition of the prostitute who is forgiven for giving water to the dog dying of thirst...and then we know arrogant scholars will be used to ignite the flames of hell. Appearances, can we judge by them?

:lol: Snap, you've completely out-witted me, I could have used a meme but instead I drew something :no:

Not this time
thorin111 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
like a fairy tale, it sounds nice and it doesn't hurt to hear it here and again really'

how about both? Or rather, let us forget second base opinions, THEY are utterly meaningless' hoho'

Nevar' we must not, alas or else lest we too shall become arrogant or "naive" and "compromise" matters in favor for that "secret voice".

Oh, But it's a Nice "something", best "something" i've seen in a while or even more, definitely brother'

Kamal-Q Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2011  Hobbyist Photographer
Ah but fairly tales are rich with morals right?

Both works. Second base opinions are meaningless - or perhaps damaging, like this guy [link]

That's true, we shouldn't compromise our morals...I just meant people shouldn't be judgmental for fear of arrogance entering the heart, no?

Danka broski

thorin111 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Fairly rich,

and that's a thought..morales.. fairy tales'..

The muslim's life must be like that, Rich, morale and just like a fairy tale in real life,

or in this case,
A fairly Fair Fairy tale

ah of course,
and on a side note,
Stop touching yourself
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