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Sir Walter - Knight of Roads by thorin111 Sir Walter - Knight of Roads by thorin111
Ah, Now this was a bit fun to deal with,A character concept, how delightful. 
But i hope to one day improvise and improve, he does seem rather sagging on the other foot, indeed.

A Wandering Knight Named Walter, A Cheery and happy if a bit slow and slothful man of wide girth,
Once a Proud Member of an order, He took his leave when nearing a reasonably old age, fearing he would be condemned to live the rest of his days in some home for the elderly or at the head of some noble banquet for the rich, proud, useless and fat. (Although, the latter part doesn't sound too entirely bad in context).

Travelling to and fro searching for adventure befitting a man of his station,
A hearty man that adheres to old values such as honor and chivalry, having his share of many years of celebration in the triumphs all around him has left him a physique that is less that desirable.
But underneath the pudgy and merry exterior hides an iron will and an unrelenting determination, a burning thirst for adventure, a reckless ambition and a stout heart.

His armor-set is large and round, following expert smithing and his specifications (a lot of them to be precise), allows him to not only protect his body effectively but to also maneuver and move if slowly but surely throughout the wilds, the round shapes potentially able to deflect slices and blows, whilst any flat plates would help protect against sharp thrusts.

He uses a Long handled Zweihander', Which he may use with one hand or effectively both. (a Germanic blade, it's meaning being Two-hander, was used by the landschneckt in wartime and parades) is notably lethal owing to it's notably sheer size and weight in combination with a slicing edge, allowing him to cut through thick resistances with force or to punish his adversaries with crushing strikes.

On his other arm, A buckler shield adorned with a signage regaling of a noble design and purpose, now caved into near warbled dents from use in combat. The shield is strapped along a man's forearm allowing the wielder to guard against weapons.
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May 30, 2013
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