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Sufi jams,
eating kilograms.
Good with bread,
and with lamb.
Sufi jams,
Sufi Jams,

Sufi Spread,
Nuff is said,
Comes in colors,
white and red'
Tastes quite nice,
Goes with spice'
sprinkle lightly
on buttered rice'

Sufi spread
Kufi head
Praying peacfully

Swaying olives,
Winds through groves,
The lover dances faster

Ranks aligned,
Downward gaze,
Hearts in high heaven.

Hidden Lover,
Blind eyes,

Out of reach,
Closer than Breath

Heavenly stars
Grassy blades,
Breath within

Star-lit Sky,
A weeping Heart,

The Buraq's
Moon lit face
Graceful skyward stride

Crescent and Arches,
Hoof far-reaching,
Like a Falling Star,
To Earth

Crescent star
Prayer calls
Melodious mosques

Towering Pillar,
Standing Tall,

Humble Heart,
Bend your knee

Rhythmic hearts,
Gentle breaths,
99 Names-Blessed

Loving thoughts,
Standing tall,
Like the world,
Spinning Spinning

Whirling dervish
Pleasure, pain
Round and round
Til time wanes

Smiling sweetly,
Crying Deeply,
Smile or Frown,

One or another,
When upside down

Drizzling rain
Distant sun
Rainbows bright

Hushed tones,
Ebon Sky,
Wolves and felines,
sing and cry

Singing animals,
Day and night dhikr,
Remembering constantly

Losing time,
Waiting waiting
Year to year,

Grimm Reaper,
With sharp unsheathed scythe,
Always ready and waiting

Father Death,
Father end,

Return to death,
To God,
To God,

Death no more
Only life
Flesh no more
Only spirit
Only God
Only God

Only God,
Only God,

Only Love,

One Soul
Nay, One was
And One never did.

Universes -
All the same
To the One

Ever Small,
Every So,

Small but not hopeless,
Tiny but not unseen

Small and large
Are illusions
For those with insight

Far and Near,
Are Illusions,
For the wanderer

Are illusions
for most illusionists

Far and near
For lovers

Tapering Tempers,
Temperate Desires,

Blind and deaf,
The Lover Knows spite,

One as One,
Despite the distance.

Pain from separation.
Despite how Close.



Length of Life,
Take breath.

But a breath
To live life
Single blink

A Moment course,
A Course Diverted,
tossing turning,
Breathe Breathe

Breathing breathing
Dripping seething
Living ceasing
Leaving wreathing
Leaving leaving




Only to die?

Little Caterpillar

and be Butterfly

The allure of life
draws us close,
moths to flame
pleasure is pain.

From tree to tree
Weary traveler
open your wings

A thousand steps
for a restless dream

A thousand steps
for a restless dream
are better spent
than endless steps
for a thousand dreams

But To dream,
To dream

What is to dream?
To see?
To Feel?

To sleep,
The weary thirsts,

Dreams are but the sweet
nightmares, trials

We dream?
Why dream?
To sleep

In sleep we
Rise awake
To see hints
Of reality
As it is.

Glimpsing hope,
Tasting fate:
Moving past
Physical limits.

Awake, we rise
Eyes open,
Swift Sunrise.


The awakened is sleeping,
The truly living is dead,

Soaring without restriction,
Singing without inhibition,

Oh heart of hearts,
Taste truth and be granted release,
Die without having died

Wool through thistle,
Soul from body,
Pulled till bristled,

Sleep oh Traveler,
treader, wanderer,

shepherd, teacher, friend

Pass and fade,
into passing, into oblivion
like that sleeping traveler
Sleep and awaken.

Many Travels
Much Fatigue
Sweet Rest
Turn Home
Sweet Home

Light of light,
East to west,
Slowly turning,
ever burning

Sun shining,
Penetrating dark,
Men look up - amazed

Blinding splendor,
Candle dark,
A single lost spark
into an open flame

Flames giving
Light and warmth,
Guiding and leading astray

Penance, Patience
Orbs of Burning,

Doubly edged
the Blade

Wing of fear
Wing of hope
Albatross flying

Call of the Wild,
Call Of the Free,

Taking Wing,
Youth and Stride

Wild and tame,
Free and chained,
Young and old
All the same.

King or poor
Rich or Pauper,

A thousands worth in weight,
Not to life.

Thousand days,
Thousand nights,
Time paid.
A good return,
or ill-profits,
What have you gained?

A Thousand Years,
A Thousand Moments,
Wistful passing.

A Thousand Lifetimes,
A Thousand hearts,

Never, One sated,
What good have you gained?

Moments stringed
Rosary beads
Litanies sung

From one to other,
fleeting times,
A single thread,
To a carpet of splendor

Silk worms dance
Spinning threads
Life's rhythms

Spiders Dance,
Spinning Webs,
Gently on the winds

Singing winds
Swaying trees
Falling leaves

Gentle Rhythm,
Sound of thrush,

foliage falling
senses delight

Sun falling
Setting plates
Fasts break
Faces smiling
Tasting dates
Prayer calls
Facing Grace

sun set
Moon arise

Places set
Running stream
an idle pass of an idle whisper

eating dates,
standing tall like their trees

Yearly visits
For one moon
Source of joy
In this world
Full of gloom

Leading to

Rarely visitor,
Come and go,
A shadow of thought,
A distant memory,

Loving joy,
Hopeful wanderer,
Come and gone you have,

Come again
to sustenance

Now you are gone,
Heart gone fonder,
We wait
until once more,
you come and gone

Like dreams,
Fade -

But there
always will
remain a taste -

And longing
for union

Like Memories,

A step too far,
The Longest mile,



Are distant
And near

A scent, sound
touch or taste
away, yet close

Ever shaping
our hopes and
heavenly dreams

Funny stories,
Hearth of old
Numbing Cold,
Heart of gold,

Ever further,
Far and narrow
But the path is true
straight as arrow,

Regardless by trial, triumph, test
Such a journey is forever, the best

Many Travels
Much Fatigue
Sweet Rest
Turn Home
Sweet Home

Hearth to warm
the chilly souls,
Drawn away from
The bitter cold

Into murmurs
And soft laughter,
The slight distractions
That hearts are after

For pain often blinds, but once it is forgotten
and left behind, we forget forgetfulness
THe Whole list (so far) of our poetry Jam session, Brother Kamal is one of those few many friends that can see beauty,
so it is without surprise that he uses a camera by trade, Ho ho

Labeled Under Humor, Because that's what We always wanted to do, we wanted to make people laugh, Be Happy, Merry, And Smile, Because we like tutu :iconballerinaplz:
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